Settlemyre is one of only two totally digital, full-dome theaters in the north-central region of South Carolina or the Charlotte metro area, offering programs on a wide variety of scientific topics. Join us and journey from the Carolina Skies to beyond the Milky Way Galaxy!

Current Public Shows

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Back to the Moon for Good
The fascinating story of the first privately-funded competition to land a robotic spacecraft on the Moon. The show includes basic lunar science, speculation about humanity's future on the Moon, and a glimpse at the endeavors of the international teams who are vying for the prize, to be won by December 2017.

Moles: What is Out There?
A young mole named Plaot is fascinated by the light that penetrates the entrance to his home. Sometimes it is lit, sometimes it is off... Why could that be? Our young friend discovers day and night, the Sun and the Moon, and the stars.

Carolina Skies
See where the visible planets and moon are positioned during the week in a live update, then discover how to find constellations during the Seasonal Stargazing presentation. This show is recommended for stargazers older than 6.

2016 Schedule Through June 2

Tuesday – Saturday at 3:30 pm: Back to the Moon for Good

Saturday at 2 p.m.: Carolina Skies

Saturday at 11 am Children's Show: Moles: What is Out There?

Sunday & Monday: Closed

2016 Schedule June 3 Through September 10


Tuesday – Saturday at 3:30 pm: Chasing the Ghost Particle

Saturday at 2 p.m.: Carolina Skies

Saturday at 11 am and Tuesday - Saturday at noon: Children's Show: Dinosaur Discovery


Sunday & Monday: ClosedPlanetarium programs are FREE with museum admission!

Show schedules are subject to change without notice.

 Special school holiday programs may be offered.

Carolina Skygazers Astronomy Club Meeting
  • Second Tuesday of Each Month (except December) at 7:30 pm

  • Exhibits are closed

  • Free to members and prospective members of the Carolina Skygazers

If you would like to schedule a group for the planetarium, please contact 803.981.9182 or

Astronomy Events

The planet Mars reaches opposition of May 22, meaning it is opposite to the Sun in Earth's sky and is visible all night long. Jupiter is brighter than any of the nighttime stars and is visible in the evening sky for all of spring. Jupiter is in the constellation of Leo the Lion for the next few months.  The bright star located to the right (west) of Jupiter is Leo's brightest star, Regulus.

Monday, March 9, marks the Transit of Mercury, when Mercury passes directly between Earth and Sun.  Through a properly-filtered solar telescope, you can actually see the planet silhouetted against the Sun.  This relatively rare occurance happens only 13 or 14 times each century.  The Museum of York County will be streaming this event live on YouTube, thanks to the equipment and skill of Carolina Skygazer's President Blake Crook, who will be originating the feed from this Allstate Insurance Agency on Celanese here in Rock Hill.  You can watch Mercury's progress live at  The transit begins at 7:16 am on May 9 and ends at 2:38 pm.

Education Standards for Planetarium Programs