Settlemyre is a totally digital, full-dome theater in the north-central region of South Carolina, offering programs on a wide variety of scientific topics. Join us and journey from the Carolina Skies to beyond the Milky Way Galaxy!

Current Public Shows

Carolina Skies
See where the visible planets and moon are positioned during the week in a live update, then discover how to find constellations during the Seasonal Stargazing presentation. This show is recommended for stargazers older than 6.
Einstein's Gravity Playlist
this program tells the story of Einstein’s theory of relativity and the recently discovered gravitational waves. The show helps audiences visualize what happens when stars explode in supernovae, black holes collide and neutron stars merge, as well as the vibrations of space and time. 
Flight Adventures
Dreams of flying, model aircraft and a young girl and her grandfather come together in this show about the science of aeronautics.
Season of Light
This special holiday presentation explores the traditions surrounding the Christmas season and the star that led the Wise Men to Bethlehem. 
In My Backyard
 Children's entertainer Fred Penner narrates and sings for this lively journey into his backyard, where we discover all sorts of things - colors of the rainbow, bugs and spiders, the different seasons, the planets, the moon, and the stars in the nighttime sky.This show is aimed at children ages 3-6.
 Remember, ALL planetarium programs are FREE with museum admission!
3:30 PM: Einstein's Gravity Playlist (through November 30)
Season of Light (December 1 29)
Every Saturday:
11:00 AM: Flight Adventures (Saturdays through December 29)
The In My Backyard (November 6, 21,and 23; December 26, 27, and 28)
2:00 PM: Carolina Skies
3:30 PM: Einstein's Gravity Playlist (through November 24)

Sunday & Monday: Closed
** Show schedules are subject to change without notice. Special school holiday programs may be offered.

Carolina Skygazers Astronomy Club Meeting
  • Second Tuesday of Each Month (except December) at 7:30 pm

  • Exhibits are closed

  • Free to members and prospective members of the Carolina Skygazers

If you would like to schedule a group for the planetarium, please contact 803.981.9182 or

Astronomy Events

How To Buy a Telescope- November 13 at 7:30 PM  Are you considering buying a telescope? Don’t Google it! Come to this presentation by the Carolina Skygazers and discover the things to consider when making your purchase. Find the right telescope to fit your needs! Different types of telescopes and their uses will be covered. Participants will also have the opportunity to examine a number of commercial telescopes and talk to their owners. This presentation is free and open to the public.

Africa the Serengeti - December 15 at 1:00 PM Enjoy this special planetarium show about the Great African Wildebeest Migration, narrated by James Earl Jones, as part of Wild Wonder Saturdays: African Safari Day.