Junior Docents

The Junior Docent Program allows young people in fifth through twelfth grade to volunteer in period costume at Historic Brattonsville.

What do the Junior Docents do?

  • Learn historic skills to demonstrate at Historic Brattonsville, such as hoeing, weeding, planting, spinning, hearth cooking, woodworking, and sewing
  • Provide educational activities for children and youth who visit Historic Brattonsville
  • Show visitors what life was like for South Carolina children in the 1760s – 1780s & the 1840s
  • Participate in selected programs at the Museum of York County

What are the requirements for the Junior Docent program?

  • The desire and ability to work hard in an outdoor setting, learn historical knowledge and skills, and share information with the public in a professional manner
  • The ability to work independently and follow rules and directions - this program is designed for youth to volunteer without direct parental supervision
  • A time commitment of at least 3 hours per month, February through November, primarily on Saturdays
  • Appropriate and approved historic clothing, to be acquired by May
  • Attendance at an orientation and training session in February is required
  • Junior Docents must have a family membership to CHM, and pay an annual program fee of $20
  • Must be in the 5th through 12th grade

What are the benefits of the Junior Docent Program?

  • Get involved in the community through volunteering
  • Gain fantastic experience for a history or museum career
  • Build your confidence and skills in public speaking
  • Impress your teachers, families and friends with your new historic skills and hands-on knowledge of history
  • Discover what it’s like behind-the-scenes at a unique historic site
  • Make new friends
  • Have lots of fun!

How do I apply?

Space in the program is limited, so the application process is competitive. Students apply through a written application, letter of reference, and a group interview. For more information, please contact Lisa Swetnam, lswetnam@chmuseums.org