River Discoveries

River Discoveries Photo May 13, 2017 – December 2017
Nature Nook Gallery

This exhibit highlights the nature photography of Bill Stokes, a local conservation advocate, naturalist, and kayaking enthusiast that spends many hours paddling on the Catawba River. Featuring photographs taken during his year-round paddling adventures, viewers will appreciate Stokes’ unique perspective as he captures the seasonal nuances and play of light, sky, water, and wildlife. Complementing the photography are a selection of taxidermy mounts of water fowl, models and specimens common to waterways in the Carolina Piedmont, some of which are also pictured in Stoke’s photographs.

Also on display will be a curious array of objects Stokes “collects” along the river. On a whim, Stokes began picking up balls that he found floating on the river, thinking he could donate them to kids and schools as well to help clean up the waterways. Thousands of balls later, Stokes’ whim turned into a quirky hobby as he collected all manner of toys, balls, and recreational odds and ends. His collection has become an interesting way to build community awareness and encourage efforts to protect the river and our natural resources.