Amazing Butterflies

Amazing Butterflies Photo This traveling exhibition, produced by Minotaur Mazes, is a totally interactive learning experience within a maze setting. Engaging both mentally and physically, the mazes offer visitors, both young and old alike, a fun, hands-on way to explore the fascinating world of butterflies. Divided into themed sections, the exhibit encompasses the life journey of a caterpillar to metamorphosis into a butterfly. Uniquely designed to give visitors a view of the world from a butterflies eyes, activities are designed to reveal intriguing facts about a butterfly’s life and the friends or predators they meet along the way. From mimicking the way caterpillars crawl to wrapping up in a cocoon, getting trapped in a spider’s web or flying away into the sky, the Amazing Butterflies Maze has a new and exciting adventure waiting around every corner!

Exhibit open Tuesdays-Saturdays until September 15, 2018.