Ed Exploration

Event Details

Date: July 14, 2021
Time: 8:50 am—10:50 am
Location: Museum of York County

Event Description:

July 14- Secret Agents of the Forest

An understanding of our environment can never be complete without hands-on investigations out in the field. This summer, the Museum of York County offers a chance to do just that; go outdoors with educators experienced in fieldwork. Fieldwork provides students with an opportunity to investigate, observe, collect data, and draw conclusions based on the evidence they have collected.

On July 14, we will identify the difference between lichen, fungus and moss. Students will learn about and survey lichen in the forest to see which ones are most common. We will take a closer look at fungi and other decomposers as we turn over rotten logs and learn how nature composts and returns nutrients to the soil. Students will learn how they can compost at home to add beneficial nutrients to their gardens. Identifying trees and exploring the health of the trees here at the Museum will wrap up the day

On June 16, July 14, and August 11th
$10 per session or $25 for all three. Register here